Ballumbie Castle Estate


Ballumbie Castle Estate is located in Angus a few miles from the city of Dundee.


Ballumbie Castle is in separate ownership to the nearby golf course.


Ballumbie Castle Estate LLC controls the marketing rights to the Ballumbie Castle name, including in relation to golfing merchandise.


Most recent family to own the castle
The Armorial Achievement of Mark Paul Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle when 14th Baron of Cartsburn

The most recent family to own Ballumbie Castle was the Lindley-Highfields, who take the territorial designation 'of Ballumbie Castle' as part of their surname.  They retain the lands known as Ballumbie Castle and have reserved their right to the territorial designation 'of Ballumbie Castle' within the castle's deeds.

14th Baron
of Cartsburn

The 14th Baron of Cartsburn was one of the owners of the castle. The barony of Cartsburn now belongs to an Italian genealogist.

Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle

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Ballumbie Castle Estate

Signs marking the entrance to the Ballumbie Castle Estate